Neal Bierling


Neal Bierling is an immigrant to the United States from the Netherlands. He began his adventures with Middle Eastern archaeology (digging and photography) in 1972. Since then he has worked in twelve Middle Eastern countries. He and his son, Joel, formed a stock photography company (Phoenix Data [PDS]) back in 1995, and have since then sold tens of thousands of images relating to Middle Eastern Archaeology to various publishing companies and museums in the US and abroad. PDS' pictures are in dozens of books published in the US and other countries. PDS has produced CD-ROMS, DVDs, and Virtual Tours for the US, Israel, and Jordan relating to Middle Eastern archaeology.

Neal has published several books. Go to to "Books" to "Neal Bierling" to see a sampling. His latest books are e-books in a Kindle (Amazon) format entitled: Beyond Indiana Jones [BIJ]: Getting at the Facts (Artifacts) Buried in the Bible Story, Volumes One and Two are published. Hundreds of pictures are in the volumes. Neal is currently working on Volume Three. now has my two volumes on Peru: Getting High in Peru, Archaeological Adventures, Volumes 1 and 2 by Neal Bierling. I hope to research and work on Getting High in Peru, Volume 3 once I return to Peru in July 2014.